About XK

Xolani Kacela is the author of Get A Hold of Yourself: Trust your convictions, live your faith. His latest book will liberate you in many ways, especially with regard to how you express your spirituality.

XK also leads the Unitarian Universalist Church of Las Cruces, New Mexico. The congregation welcomes all people and has the motto: “May we convey love in all we do.”

XK serves as a chaplain in the New Mexico Air National Guard. Prior to that, he served with the District of Columbia National Guard and the Texas Air National Guard. He has deployed four times, to include service during Operation Iraqi Freedom.

You can find xk’s writing on his sister website,

Xolani has many hobbies. His favorite thing is hanging out with his wife and partner, Tamara. Together, they could make their own outdoors reality show. They’re constantly looking for the next adventure. The last one was bowfishing.

You can reach xk at Or phone him at +1 (919) 949-2002.

Skype Conversation

I’m ready to connect. Send me an invitation, if you want to meet via Skype to discuss the book, your spiritual life, or something you consider interesting.


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