Get A Hold Of Yourself


I welcome you to a new way being. The premise behind Get A Hold Of Yourself and this blog is that you are your most authentic self when you live out your deepest beliefs and convictions, embrace a compatible spiritual community and engage in spiritual practices that sustain you.

Throughout the blog, you will discover ways to do just that. I hope to offer you inspiration and resources for daily living that focuses on you finding the purest and most sincere expression of y0ur spirituality. Remember, there is no requirement for you to live anyone’s beliefs and values other than your own


This Is How We'll Be Rolling

There are countless spiritual and religious traditions in the world. Whether you choose to embrace something already there or create your own path, I’m your faith and spiritual cheerleader. But, if you don’t see your tradition mentioned on a particular post, fear not. Hopefully, what you do find has universal application. So, the underlying principles will speak to you on some level.

On some posts, I’ll be applying concepts from Get A Hold Of Yourself to a contemporary topic. I love find practical ways to make our spiritual lives pertinent to real-life complexities and issues.

I welcome your feedback on everything on these pages. Especially, the blog. Please add your comments candidly. By the same token, I hope you feel compelled to share this blog and the materials on this website with your family and friends.

Spirituality adds sparkle to your whole life.

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