Welcome to Get A Hold of Yourself!

This book will change your life. If you’re the type of person that is trying to find the most authentic way to be be you, you are in the right place. This book recognizes that you are a spiritual person who may not fit into the typical “religious” category like a lot of your friends. Yet, you still want to express yourself and not feel weird. Welcome to real life.

Get A Hold of Yourself is about being free to express your own unique spiritual life and live it without shame, embarrassment or feeling like you have to hide from others. When you get a hold of yourself, you are free to practice mindfulness, journaling, or walking in the woods on a Sunday morning and know that you are doing the right thing for you. Getting a hold of yourself also includes practicing any of the more traditional religions, but with the caveat that you can mix them up in order to get what you need for your body, mind and spirit.

When you learn to get a hold of yourself, you can live in the world with confidence and joy without being compelled to say you are a member of a certain religious tradition. You can be happy and whole as you go about living an ethically sound way in a community of your choosing based on the shared values that you agree upon.

I am Xolani Kacela, author of Get A Hold of Yourself. I hope you find this book and the resources on this website useful in your personal, family, communal and work life. It is meant to inspire you to live authentically wherever you are and whatever you do. If you find it helpful, please share the content with others that you know want to grow and feel connected.